Defender L663 – Rear Reverse Light Upgrade


Ultimate Reversing Light upgrade for your Defender L663


Not enough reversing light at night? We have a solution.

There is no need to cut, drill or modify your car. We have utilised the recesses in the rear of the Defender to allow you to fix in 2x additional LED reverse lights.

These lights will improve your own visibility and also alert others when you are reversing.

There are developed 3 different versions to suit customer’s preference.

V1- reverse light with brake light ring surround, available in red and smoked

V2- reverse light with brake light ring surround as well as the sweeping indicators, available in red and smoked

Please note, V2 is only applicable for EU specification, not applicable for NAS specification as the rear lights are different.

V3- a simpler version which only has the reverse light without brake light ring and available only in smoked

V4- same as V3 but with the sweeping indicators.

All of our reverse lights are supplied with replacement clips for the rear light cover just in case when customers are removing it, the clips are missing.

Additional information

Reversing Light Options

V1, V2, V3, V4

Finish Options

Black, Red


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