Defender – Front Doors – Sound Proofing Upgrade


Stage 1| Defender Sound Proofing | 2 x Front Doors

Sound proofing the front doors of your Defender to reduce road noise as well as improving the audio sound in your vehicle.


We supply & install various solutions for the new defender range to improve the vehicle internal sound.


Sound Deadening & Insulation improves the thermal efficiency of your vehicle – so warmer in winter, cooler in summer. They also reduce resonance, rattling, vibrations and the noise level from outside, i.e. from the road, tyres, engine, exhaust. In addition, they help to improve the sound quality of your audio system.

We do various sound proofing options depending on the degree of noise reduction that is required.

This is the 1st stage that offers a dramatic sound reduction in the cab area as well as improving your audio system.

With this upgrade we will strip and fully sound proof all the 2 x front doors and door cards.

We will need the vehicle for 3 hours for this upgrade done at our HQ in Nottingham.



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