Defender L663 – ClearSight Rear View Camera Retrofit


ClearSight rear view mirror upgrades. – Retro Installs From TTW.

2 Kit options:

1) ClearSight system
2) ClearSight system with HomeLink®  garage door opener.


As with the larger Pivi Pro screen, the ClearSight rear view mirror was quickly dropped from the majority of customer builds when the silicone shortage started to affect factory production of the Defender. Using brand new Genuine Land Rover parts, our kit will install and enable this advanced feature on your Defender.

There are two options for the rear mirror. With garage door opener and without. Customers can choose either one to be fitted to their Defender.

Like the screen upgrade, this retrofit requires coding to the vehicle, so can only be completed at HQ in Nottingham, UK.

The price above includes full installation


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