Defender L663 Exhaust Tips – Square Design – Satin Black – Twin – Quad


As a Land Rover Defender owner, you understand the importance of personalising your vehicle’s look. TTW is proud to present our newly designed New Defender L663 exhaust tips that will undoubtedly enhance your Defender’s appearance from Hunters.


Key Features-
These exhaust tips are crafted from high-quality materials and are designed to fit perfectly on both petrol and diesel models of the New Defender L663. The powder-coated satin black finish adds an aesthetic touch that compliments your Defender’s ruggedness and adds a touch of elegance.

The powder-coated satin black finish isn’t just for looks. It protects the exhaust tips from rust and corrosion, ensuring durability even in harsh environments. The effortless installation process saves you time and frustration, allowing you to focus on enjoying your Defender’s refreshed appearance and dynamic look.

The Quad exhaust tips are available in both Petrol P400 and all Diesel models, making it an ideal accessory for any Defender L663 owner. We will be introducing the P300 and the P400e at a later stage.

Additional information

Exhaust Tips

Diesel D200/D240/D250/D300, Petrol P400


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