Defender L663 – Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit


Defender L663 – retrofit the heated steering wheel upgrade.


One of the most frequently asked retrofits from our customer, we can finally offer this service when Land Rover finally is able to deliver the parts required for this service.

To retrofit the heated steering wheel, the following parts are required.

1. A new steering wheel with heated function

2. A new switch pack on the steering wheel with heated function

3. A new wiring loom with heated function

4. A new steering wheel switch ring with heated function

Customers can choose to have ‘our’ own Steering Wheel model or the Land Rover genuine V8 steering wheel for this retrofit service.

Paddle shift is also available to add to this service.

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As with all of our retrofit services, all parts used are brand new and is available for in house fitting only due to activation required.

Price starts from £1550 for supply and fit depending on choice of steering wheel. Please Call for more details.


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