Genuine Sunglass Holder Retrofit Kit Defender L663 – Ebony Black


Sunglasses Holder Retrofit Kit in ‘Ebony Black’  for Land Rover Defender L663

This kit will allow you to install the drop down sunglasses holder in the overhead console of the Land Rover Defender L663.


The sunglasses holder was one of the features that was removed from newer vehicles and it was replaced with a ‘blank’ plastic cover.

The sunglasses holder assembly and friction clip are genuine Land Rover items, brand new in retail packaging.

The damper cog is an aftermarket item, while the stiffening brace insert is our own in-house laser cut part.

NOTE – if you have wireless headphones/rear entertainment there may be a module where the sunglasses holder is located and this may need to be removed if you want the sunglass holder.

We have found that this kit works in around 85% of cases. It can be fiddly to install, as you will see from the retrofit videos. There seems to be a variation between vehicles, on some it works straight away whereas others need adjustment.


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